Squirrelmail Webmail on FreeBSD 6.2

Lars Sommer, lasg@lasg.dk, 2007-10-22
DISCLAIMER: This is a personal note made for personal usage. It might not be easy usable nor explaining.

For use with my Postfix+Dovecot setup.

Squirrelmail is very simple. Look at Roundcube, Horde Imp or Zibra for something more modern.


Install this port:

Install plugins:

The plugin secure_login gives ssl enabled login screen.

More nice plugins could come here…

Configure squirrelmail:

cd /usr/local/www/squirrelmail

“D. Set pre-defined settings for specific IMAP servers”

In “2. Server Settings”, in “B. Update SMTP Settings : localhost:25”
set “7. SMTP Authentication : login”
to use SASL.

“8. Plugins”
“17. secure_login”

Enable in apaches httpd.conf:

Alias /webmail/ “/usr/local/www/squirrelmail/”
Allow from all

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