Festival text to speech system in FreeBSD 6.2

Lars Sommer, lasg@lasg.dk, 2008-02-03

I needed a text to speech system for my home optimization and automation project. Requirements was as follows: 
 - Native in FreeBSD ports
 - As good as "out of the box working"
 - Easy to script and use from command line


You install these ports, in the mentioned order:
 - audio/mbrolavox
 - audio/festvox-us1-mbrola
 - audio/festival
 - audio/festlex-poslex

You can install multiple different voices, with the mbrolavox port. I just needed a plain american female voice.

If festival is configured with the NAS Network Audio System, the nasd server must be running, to make festival speak.


echo hey|festival --tts

But later, I found the port audio/espeak much smaller and easier to handle.

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