Gnokii SMS support in FreeBSD 8.2

2011-04-19, Lars Sommer,

Install the port:
With options:

2011-05-06: Build fails if NOT selecting xgnokii as well.

Create a user in phpmyadmin, called smsd, and a database called smsd.
Find the sms.tables.mysql.sql in the config file backup folder, and import it:

mysql -u root -p smsd < sms.tables.mysql.sql

Settings for gnokiirc:
port = /dev/ttyU0
model = AT
connection = serial
use_locking = no

Use the startup script from the backup folder

touch /var/log/smsd.log

insert into crontab:
32 * * * * root /home/ls/repos1/bin/ > /dev/null
which checks if the smsd is running

 smsd --user smsd --password "MySecretPassword" --db smsd --host localhost --module mysql --logfile /var/log/smsd.log

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